Industrial and Labor Relations, B.A. Degree

School: School of Arts and Sciences

Department: Politics, Economics & Law

The Bachelor of Arts program in Industrial and Labor Relations focuses on the changing labor-management environment due to globalization. It explores the history, contributions, and problems of working people and their institutions in contemporary society, as well as the theory and practice of management models and labor-management issues.

Program Overview

Foundation courses offer insights into political science and economics, while core courses focus on labor-management and labor-government issues. Electives provide an opportunity to explore labor-management issues from various perspectives.

Careers and Graduate Education

Graduates are prepared for careers in ILR, HR management, business, unions, advocacy, and government agencies, as well as graduate studies in law, ILR, management, and public administration.

Curriculum Requirements

Liberal Education Curriculum

Refer to the Liberal Education Curriculum Bulletin for specific requirements.

ILR Courses: 52 Credits or 13 Courses

Foundation Courses (16 Credits or 4 Courses Required)

Core Courses (20 Credits or 5 Courses Required)

Electives (16 Credits or 4 Courses Required)