History, B.A. Degree

School: School of Arts and Sciences

Department: History & Philosophy

The B.A. in History at our institution provides a comprehensive perspective on human lives and affairs, offering two tracks: History Liberal Arts and History Social Studies.

History Liberal Arts Track

This track is designed for those with a general interest in history, requiring courses in various geographic and thematic areas, including a course in historiography and a Senior Seminar.

History Social Studies Track

Intended for majors aiming to teach Social Studies at the secondary level, this track requires coursework in history as well as geography, political science, and economics.

Curriculum Overview

Liberal Education Curriculum

Refer to the Liberal Education Curriculum Bulletin for specific requirements.

Major Requirements

History Liberal Arts Track: 44 credits

History Social Studies Track: 64 credits

General Electives

In consultation with Academic Advisor.

Other Requirements

Candidates may not earn more than one grade below C- in the required courses for the degree.

Total Credits Required: 120