As a Grad Students you will be exposed to real life problems that will enable you to critically think how to solve the issue you are facing based upon your major of choice. We encourage every students to keep an open mind to being challenged and be in uncomfortable situation that will push them to think outside the box to solve certain issues that they may face later on in their professional careers.


We have a wide variety of majors and department that will cater to individual needs to walk side by side to ensure to steady progress our students will undergo in our school environment design to unveil their true potential.

Required Document:

Every student are required to provide documentation that will allow us to verify their status in order to process any financial aid if the student is eligible for such help such current address and citizen status.

Financial Aid:

Financial aid will be process based upon a student's household income if such student require financial aid coverage. Keep in mind that a student needs to be an American Citizen to be eligible for federal financial aid and although most of our students are, it doesn't guarantee you coverage with no out of pocket expense due to household combined income. More information in that regards will be provided on the FAFSA websites.

Health & Record:

Every students are required to provided medical history showing the shots that are required by law to preserve the safety of every student on campus.